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Panties Women Underpants Plus Size High Waist Seamless Breathable Postnatal

Panties Women Underpants Plus Size High Waist Seamless Breathable Postnatal

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 Material Composition: Spandex,Nylon

 Item Type: Panties

Gender: WOMEN

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Product benefits

What is Tourmaline?

Tourmaline is a gemstone whose main components are magnesium, aluminum, iron, boron and other trace elements that are beneficial to the human body and can regulate the body's metabolism. Tourmaline surface always flows with 0.06mA micro-current that basically matches with human bioelectricity, which can balance the body's bioelectricity and restore the pathological potential to normal.

Tourmaline can therefore help reduce weight, improve blood circulation, and reduce the accumulation of toxic metals in the body. It is also believed to help support the liver, balance mood and prevent water retention. It will be of great help in restoring women's health.

How do Graphene Honeycomb Vaginal Tightening & Body Shaping Briefs Work?

Graphene honeycomb vaginal tightening and shaping panties release natural energy through thermal circulation to improve blood circulation throughout the body and eliminate toxins from the uterus. Working simultaneously with Tourmaline (a precious natural mineral) in the middle of the panties, it dredges the whole body lymphatic system, improves various gynecological diseases, reduces body fat, tightens the vagina and lifts the buttocks

Detoxifies and promotes a healthy reproductive system and uterus

The heating function of the graphene material is very useful in helping to expel toxins and and cold energy from the blocked uterus. Based on thermal circulation, these graphene cellular vaginal firming and shaping panties use multi-directional thermal circulation to help users promote and unblock blood circulation to help effectively stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, relieve gynecological disorders, reduce fluid accumulation in body tissues and tighten the vagina.

The micro-current of tourmaline also unblocks the body's detoxification channels, eliminating accumulated toxins and effectively eliminating redness, swelling and decay in the private area in a short period of time, eliminating various inflammations and odors.

According to clinical research, using this product for 20 days can solve women's problems of vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and fluid accumulation, cervical erosion, trichomoniasis, mycotic vaginitis, uterine cold,Stretch marks and irregular menstruation.

Promote blood circulation in the buttocks for fast buttock growth

Graphene honeycomb vaginal tightening and shaping panties generate heat from the inside out helps activate hip acupuncture points, promote blood circulation, and re-stimulate the cellular vitality of the buttocks to create a perfect buttock shape.

Accelerates body metabolism for healthy weight loss

Graphene and Tourmaline have been shown to activate nerves and help lymphatic fluid drainage. It can also accelerate weight loss by promoting lipolysis and improving calorie burning.

Increases collagen production and clears stretch marks

Graphene self-heating accelerates the fading of purple-red lines, increases collagen production and clears stretch marks

This is why Graphene Honeycomb Vaginal Tightening & Body Shaping Briefs is special:

✅Effectively help gynecological problems.
✅Tighten vagina and restore pink skin.
✅Speed up metabolism and improve digestion.
✅Prevents fat accumulation and healthy weight loss.
✅Lifts the buttocks.
✅Multiple benefits - eliminates fat and toxins, regularizes menstruation, lifts hips, improves blood circulation, eliminates itching and vaginal tightening
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